Give the Gift of Preparedness to Your Loved Ones

In this crazy world, the unexpected happens.

A dramatic change in life can occur at any time, with devastating effect. Change can result from a natural disaster such as flood or fire, from a personal crisis such as divorce, illness or death, or from a completely unexpected occurrence such as an accident.

The What if … Workbook™ has been created to serve as a comprehensive guide assisting individuals and families in putting their personal affairs and final wishes in order as a Gift of Preparedness to those who may be affected in the event of the aforementioned life changes.

Most of us know that this information should be compiled at some point in our lives. But, who ever really gets it done? Who even likes to think about such things? None of us. But for those who have personally experienced difficult times and have had to face unexpected life changes, how many had no idea of the final wishes of their loved ones? What a gift this information would have been! learn more…

“I use the What if … Workbook™ for myself, and I recommend it to my clients. I find it a great resource for my family to keep track of all our important matters. And I know that if someone ever needed to take over in an emergency, everything they need is in the What if … Workbook™. It also helps my clients focus on not only their legal matters, but also on the legacy they want to leave behind.”

– Leanna Hamill, Estate Planning Attorney