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Gwen W. Morgan

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Gwen Morgan, creator of the What if …Workbook™ , has been involved with the elderly and hospice for a number of years, thus seeing the importance of being organized about personal affairs. She has personally experienced the positive and negative effects of good or bad planning. Gwen is a trained facilitator for the CircleXChange, a wellness lifestyle program that brings people together in small groups to discuss and share life events: dealing with healthy maintenance of the mind, body and spirit; stress management; and life balance. The motto of the organization is “living life with clarity, passion, and purpose” — Gwen takes this motto to heart and tries to live her life with mindfulness and purpose, while helping others do the same through her workshops and personal relationships.

Always one to be highly organized, Gwen had the idea a number of years ago that it would be great to put together a Workbook that could serve as a tool for life planning/organizing. This book would not only help the user keep track of their financial data, but it would address the more difficult issues of burial vs. cremation, what kind of service to hold (if any at all!), writing an obituary, and giving people the chance to think about special gifts to loved ones. Because of her CircleXChange experience, she also wanted to give users the opportunity to think about their legacy: How do I want to be remembered? Am I living the life now in a way that I want to be remembered? If not, then what is holding me back? It is her belief that many people go through their lives a bit unconsciously, just trying to get through each day rather than mindfully living each day to its fullest.

So the What if …Workbook™ was created. Gwen realizes that there are other books and guides currently available dealing with similar issues. The difference with her Workbook lies with the issue of accountability. Gwen regularly conducts What if… Workshops and Presentations for groups and organizations, guiding participants step by step through the Workbook, or simply presenting about the importance of filling it out. She has met with outstanding feedback, and would now like to expand the exposure of the What if… program, while maintaining accountability and the group discussion format.

For information on having Gwen or a What if … Facilitator speak to your group or to schedule a What if … Workshop, contact us at, or call 781-210-2045.