“As financial advisors who specialize in working with widows, all too often we find that people have not taken the time to document, in one place or at all, their most important personal and financial details. We have been using the What if … Workbook as a planning tool for clients for years. It is a well laid out, simple to use and convenient book to capture what is most important for an individual and/or couple. For any loved one, it’s the best “gift of preparedness” that someone can give.”

“A family friend recommended the What if … Workbook, and my husband and I quickly realized that though we have legal documents filed and medical preferences clarified, we needed a central spot, an all-in-one place to store them.
We did not want to leave each other or our large, multi-generational family grieving and also unclear about how to move forward, if disability or death should happen. I have recommended the Workbook to my clients and to family members. I remind them that to fill it out is a real gift to their loved ones. ”

“As a registered nurse and pastoral counselor who has worked in the Hospice field, I have been involved with many individuals and families dealing with end of life decisions. It wasn’t until I attended one of Gwen Morgan’s What if …Workshops that I felt, finally, here is a practical, valuable guide to really help people get prepared for one of the most important events of their lives.

Our culture puts far more effort into planning and preparation for births, weddings and other life events than it does on our final planning.
Gwen’s Workbook takes one through all the critically important things that need to be put in place in order to leave a family at ease and without frustration and unanswered questions. ie: What were mom’s final wishes for a service? Who needs to be notified? Where did she keep her pass codes?

I eventually got trained by Gwen to become a What if …. Workshop facilitator and have presented it to many COA’s, long-term care facilities and church groups, all of whom have felt much better prepared to face the challenges that are necessary to know they did everything they could to prepare for their own or their loved one’s passing.”

“When my Dad died at the age of 62 I began to think through my own planning and how I would help members of my family help me if I was unable to manage my affairs or if I died. Then I met Gwen and purchased her Workbook. I have found it a very comprehensive and easy tool to use, and it has all of my financial information and wishes in one place. Now, as a single parent, I look at it a little differently and feel it is extremely important since I’m the only one who holds all the information for running my household and my finances. This isn’t a book to just give to the seniors to help with financial and planning purpose, it’s a gift we give to those who love us to provide them with the necessary information to help us no matter what the stage in life.”

“I was so grateful that we met Gwen and learned about the What if … Workbook™ at the perfect time in our lives. My grandparents were starting to get to the point where they couldn’t take care of themselves and stay in their home but refused to let us help them. With the Workbook as a guide my mother was able to walk her parents through getting all the information we needed to know. It was less intimidating for them because it was just filling in the forms.”

“I learned the value of the What if … Workbook™ when my cousin was killed in a car accident when he was 29. It was a shocking reminder that it’s never too early to make sure your paperwork is in order. The Workbook is about so much more than just our parents’ and grandparents’ estate planning. I recommend that everyone have a What if … Workbook™, and I happily give it as a gift often; it’s much more valuable than anything else you can give.”

“I use the What if … Workbook™ for myself, and I recommend it to my clients. I find it a great resource for my family to keep track of all our important matters. And I know that if someone ever needed to take over in an emergency, everything they need is in the What if … Workbook™. It also helps my clients focus on not only their legal matters, but also on the legacy they want to leave behind.”