What if … Workbook™

The What if …Workbook™ is the optimal guide for planning in regard to finances, personal assets, and personal wishes generally left unattended until too late. This comprehensive guide allows loved ones to know the exact personal, final wishes of the family member or friend. Not only does it address all of one’s financial and estate matters (i.e. banks, insurance, loans, assets, etc… ), it touches on document storage, contacts to be called, what to do with pets, etc. The second part deals with end-of-life wishes: burial vs. cremation, what kind of worship service, flowers vs. donations, special gifts to loved ones, etc. The final part deals with Legacy: how does one want to be remembered? Are you living the life now in a way that you want to be remembered? Would you like to document this in any way? Is there a message you would like to leave for your loved ones?

The Workbook is a great tool simply for opening communication among family members. Sometimes either the parent or the child “just doesn’t want to go there.” Reviewing the What if …Workbook™ together gives loved ones the chance to begin the discussion concerning these very important issues. It is of the utmost importance that single individuals fill out the Workbook, so that a family member or friend will have knowledge of their affairs should a sickness or anything unexpected happen.

Who will benefit from this Workbook? All who have any financial assets, last personal wishes or desires they want to have known by others upon the circumstance of a life change. In other words, everyone. What a gift to leave: the elimination of guessing in regards to last wishes, the ease of settling an estate, the relief felt by loved ones that all is in order, just as you want it to be.

The What if …Workbook™ includes, but is not limited to:

  • financial information
  • personal contacts
  • location of documents
  • burial vs. cremation
  • care for pets
  • family medical history
  • special gifts for loved ones
  • thinking about legacy